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About INDEC Company

Today (2023.), it is already 17 years since I was involved in this business in the central part of Europe. With every step I took, I learned as a piece of experience to achieve excellence in every project we did. 

Y. Vargot (founder)

INDEC Company was established in 2017 by Yuri Vargot (founder). INDEC COMPANY LLC is a company that does not accept any compromises in the pursuit of the highest quality, and every day, we improve our skills in the remodeling business. Our company provides interior painting for residential and commercial projects, wallpaper installation, drywall works, wall coverings, custom plaster, and stucco projects. "We are open and operating! Call us 8:30 AM - 7:00 PM.


Our Process

Each project is individual. To make the work process comfortable and fast, we follow simple but effective steps:

1. Schedule an appointment.

2. Preparing the estimate.

3. Confirmation and clarification of all the details with the customer.

4. Signing the contract and choosing the start date of your project.


Schedule an appointment 

To get free estimate and start your project, just make a phone call to our agent and choose the best time that will work for you. 

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Making the estimate

After you met with our representative, you will get the estimate in next 2 days with options in accordance to your needs

Confirmation & coordination of all details with the customer

The estimate is done! But sometimes people want to make changes before signing the contract. We will review with you one more time all types of works that you want to be done, to find out all preferences regarding your project 

Signing of the contract & choosing the start date

Great! We know what we need to do, all details are confirmed and we are ready to start! The last step is sign the contract and see how we turn your project into reality!


Our Quality Guarantee

What makes a company truly successful? Success is not just a big paycheck. It is when the client gets what he or she really needs. 

We have immense experience in the remodeling business since 2006, day by day, comprehending all the details and nuances of this craft. 

Step by step, we improve our company to make the work process easy and transparent. All materials we recommend to our customers meet high-quality requirements because we believe that the overall picture is created in every little part of our work, from the right materials to the precise movement of our professionals. 

Create your dream home.
Tell us about your project today.

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